Fireseed Capital provides seed funding
to help Australian innovators impact the world.
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Fireseed Capital provides Seed and Early Stage funding solutions for startups that have already raised some money, have got themselves some way down the track towards being in revenue , but don’t yet meet the criteria for Venture Capital so need a little assistance with funding to get into revenue. Fireseed can in some cases provide matching investor funding for projects that qualify for state and federal grants. Typically our deal size is 200k – 2m for the first round, and we like to co-invest for subsequent rounds when the project is ready to approach our VC networks for further funding.


The Fireseed Capital team have collectively helped over 300 startups successfully on-board funding to take them to market. Here are a few recent case studies…

Revalu8 was facing Administration having raised and spent $1m but had failed to get into revenue and development was way off track, with significant internal issues making fresh investment an impossibility. Fireseed provided a short term funding solution to keep Revalu8 afloat and a funding package sufficient to re-boot the company and get it back on track.

Coming to us as an MVP for delivering piracy protected media distribution, Fireseed upgraded the business model to make it attractive to investors, assembled the team to execute the international role out, developed market relationships that lead to international opportunities and sourced the funding to build out the product.

JourneyTree was introduced to Fireseed as a raw idea to deliver a photo-product solution to the daycare sector. Fireseed seed funded the project, then massively upgraded the business model to deliver a range of solutions to the sector, and assembled the teams to handle the design, development, sales, marketing, management and governance required to execute the project, raising over $1.5m into the company.


  • My business is in pre-revenue startup phase

  • My business is digital, scalable, and solves clearly defined commercial problems

  • I have a strong market opportunity but lack the resources to take advantage

  • I am looking for funding to develop and commercialise my product

If this sounds like you, then fill out our “Apply for funding’ form to tell us more about your business and what you need for the next stages of growth..


Fill out our quick and easy introduction form with your details so we can see if you fit our criteria for selection… If your business looks like something we would be interested in then we will contact you shortly.